As a part of our work we like to help you with your organization, we had shoot a lot of weddings in 6 years as wedding photographers, we have seen a lot of different kind of weddings, decorations, schedule, and situations that sometimes could help or damage your big day. Thats why we like to involve in your wedding organization, we´d like to share with you some particular things you could have in mind.


It’s really important to take the right time for your photo session, always ask your photographer for an advice to organize your activities so we can take enough time to make our job.


Its something really simple and basic but most of the brides forget to eat on their big day, make sure you have a lunch time in your schedule, not eating will be reflect in your energy and mood.


Like in every big event, some unexpected situation could happen, so make sure your schedule is not very tight, add some short free times, so You´ll not be in a hurry all the time.


For experience we know if you add some special details during your big day, this will make it more enjoyable and amazing; you can give to her/him a surprise present, a love letter, some chocolates, flowers or any detail to represent your love.


Consider to have a space and time before the religious ceremony with your couple, to express the love, your feelings and all the beautiful words you can tell her/him. This usually is impossible at the ceremony.


It’s a very important part for your wedding to look really beautiful and for us to do a better job. Make sure that you have the adequate illumination for the mood you want to create. With more and right illumination better your photos will be.


Is one of the most important moments of the day, make sure to live it completely without worries and stress. The priest´s speech will help you to be in harmony and relax.


It’s really important to consider enough time for the portraits session as a couple. Trust us to have a beautiful place that will allow us to take gorgeous photos and capture your beauty and love.