ABOUT San Jose Photography



Hello future friends:

We´ll love to telling a little about us, we are a three photographer’s team, we share something in common, we are brothers, and we love photography, the magic and the awesome sensation of hold and use a camera.
We all share the same dream and we live on it every day. Being photographers, fathers, brothers, is an interesting and helpful combination, it give us the strong conviction to believe that when love is involved everything is possible.

One of the things that has made us stronger as brothers in our company, has been the immense support we all had given and the love with which we were raised.
We learned how to exploit our different talents, this has help us to continue learning and growing our love for photography and for life. Sometimes we advise and help each other to follow the dream of touching the couple´s heart and be part of the most important day for them and their family.

We feel really flattered to be chose as their photographers cause we know its a very hard and difficult decision choosing the person who´s going to share those special moments, it’s really important for you and for us as well, that’s why we make your dreams ours and we combine it we our own dream to create images that will touch your heart. Family and love are those things that we always carry with us, this is what defines San Jose Photography, a three-brothers company engaged to protect our dream.